Classification, Dewatering, Recovery and Optimisation Solutions

McLanahan can offer complete process design, field service and support the life of all our equipment. With our local engineering team, we can provide the best possible solution to ensure your site is productive, efficient and more profitable.

Wet Processing

Reduce product contamination

Decrease the risks associated with product contamination with McLanahan’s separation equipment.

Our Flat Bottom Classifiers can be used to eliminate light-weight and organic matter from a sand product stream as little as 4.5mm. Typically, the Flat Bottom Classifier is fed by a Hydrocyclone to provide a dense, slime-less feed. Construction and industrial sands producers benefit from these pieces of equipment, with high-efficiency classification between 100-600 µm.

The Flat Bottom Classifier is particularly effective for materials that have different specific gravities.

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Fines recovery

Our solutions for fines recovery include the ability to recover fines from the dewatering process and pump it back through the system to prevent fines loss.

Solutions such as our slurry Ultra Fines Recovery System (UFR) help to extract the highest amount of fines before it is sent on for further processing downstream. The McLanahan UFR can recover up to 38µm fines and provide a stackable product, suitable for the sand, industrial sand and coal recovery industries.

The McLanahan UFR is a system that includes Dewatering Screens, Sumps, Pumps and small footprint Hydrocyclones and Separators. No additional flocculants or chemicals are required allowing quarries to save money not only on these products, but through sending less tonnes-per-hour to tailings ponds.

Filtration and Dewatering

Recover process water, decrease water expenses

With increasing pressure on quarries to look towards alternate water sources, the ability for a quarry to reuse its process water is an attractive opportunity for operators. McLanahan can work with your site to produce the best water management plan for your requirements, including the ability to recapture up to 70% of water for reuse on site, and eliminate the need for onsite tailings storage in the process.

With a McLanahan Filter Press, in a typical configuration, a customer can see as much as 72-76% solids from slurry dewatering practices, and improve onsite storage through reducing reliance on tailings dams.

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Discover reprocessing of recovered materials

For operators looking to maximise on their investment, a McLanahan Hydrosizer has the ability to classify materials that have different specific gravities. The McLanahan Hydrosizer can be used for a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Industrial sands
  • Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Mineral sands

The Hydrosizer uses a hindered settling technology to continuously agitate material, where it will rise upward into a rising current. A suspended zone is established, where the solids are ‘trapped’. The fines rise to the very top of the weir and overflow, leaving the Hydrosizer. The heaviest of solids remain at the bottom of the cone.
The only moving part in the Hydrosizer is the underflow valve – the unit can automatically compensate for adjustments to the feed rate.
Hydrosizers make up one component in a complete wet processing plant solution. McLanahan can assist you with the design of a complete wet processing plant solution, including other equipment such as:

  • Hydrocyclones
  • Separators
  • Pumps
  • Attrition Cells
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Thickeners/Clarifiers
  • Filter Presses

Localisation is our specialty

Local engineering

Local service team

Local manufacturing

McLanahan has supported local and international businesses to reach their production goals for over 183 years. We aim to support all McLanahan equipment for the lifetime of the equipment. We intend to do this through local engineering, local service and local design capabilities.

McLanahan equipment can be used throughout the entire quarry whether it be Crushing, Reclaiming, sizing, separation or water recovery.

Wet Processing for large-scale operations

  • Log washers
  • Screw washers
  • Classification
  • Ultra-fines recovery

Filtration and Dewatering for large-scale operations

  • Filter Presses
  • Thickeners and Clarifiers
  • Dewatering Screens

Tailored to the local market, our equipment undergoes rigorous research and continuous improvement so that your systems operate at optimal performance for productivity and profitability.

Designed to be durable, reliable, safe and efficient over their lifetime, McLanahan equipment will allow your business to gain a lower total cost of ownership, minimised downtime and reduced labour.

Put your trust in McLanahan to deliver outstanding quarry solutions

Our Achievements Build Your Success

  • Rinse and dewater product on the same screen (McLanahan Dewatering Screens)
  • Hydrocyclones and Separators contain no moving parts

Grow your operations with upgrades and optimisation

  • No additional chemicals required (Ultra Fines Recovery Systems)

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