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Alternative Markets for Glass – Collaboration is the key

As we move into summer the consumption of glass packaged goods increases exponentially until just after New Year’s Day. At...

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Closing the loop on tailings management

Whilst resources such as copper, lithium and iron ore, are making solid steps toward recovery the Australian economy is...

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Deepwater Horizon – A global environmental catastrophe

From an investment standpoint, This event wiped 55% off the company share price and underscores the dramatic increase of...

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Impact of Effluent Management on Milk Production Costs

Proper effluent management leads to lower maintenance costs for equipment and reduces ongoing fertiliser costs. Other benefits include: Soil moisture...

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Optimising Concrete Washout Storage Options

Disposal of ready mix concrete in slurry form is always necessary. Even with all the best planning, communication and...

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Managing concrete by-product

The concrete industries of Australia and New Zealand are booming due to strong construction markets. In Australia alone, the...

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Gas exploration props door open for Australian sand producers

Supplying high quality silica sand for hydraulic fracturing has changed the game for many sand producers throughout North America....

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McLanahan Filter Press

Modern Filter Press Design

Filter presses are becoming one of the most popular methods of processing and dewatering fine coal tailings and there...

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Glass recovery – resource or waste?

How can we compare global mining giants with the local recycling operator?  Global commodity prices, distance to market, cost...

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Dairy Cows

Using dairy effluent as fertiliser

It is easy to overlook the nutrients being accumulated around the farm as a result of typical farm activities....

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