Dry and Wet Processing Solutions for the coal industry

McLanahan  can provide processing solutions for wet and dry applications, plus manage filtration and dewatering of fines.

Optimise equipment for ROM handling

Global ingenuity and Australian-based engineering design capability has given us the capacity to respond to your needs. We can help you to optimise your plant by modifying or upgrading your existing equipment to give you faster access, shorter shutdown periods, lower risk and lower total cost of ownership.

For example, we recently designed a new front access door on one of our local customer’s existing ROM feeder breaker. This access door doubled as a work platform for accessing the breaker head and drive shaft.

This simple optimisation saves hundreds of man-hours per year and offers a much safer way to carry out maintenance.

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Wet crushing of coal at a fraction of the cost

Every coal operation is unique, so it helps to have an OEM partner that really understands your operation. You will get the most value from your system by having an OEM that works with your organisation to design equipment for your environment.

By working closely with our customer, we were able to design wet coal sizers using standard componentry coupled with innovative sealing arrangements to deliver a vastly superior circuit suited to operating in a wet flushing environment.

McLanahan wet sizers delivered significantly higher operating life combined with enormous cost savings, Y-O-Y.

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Drive productivity with robust, reliable equipment

Equipment reliability drives productivity.

McLanahan has designed and installed a new type of crushing segment for an operation in the Gunnedah Basin after discussing the need to stretch mean-time between changeouts. The new design incorporated a patented carbide-impregnated tooth, with a much simpler way to remove and replace crushing segments without removing the roll shaft.

The outcome? Double the crusher segment life and reduced replacement times.

Ask us about our carbide impregnated segments.

Localisation is our specialty

Local engineering

Local service team

Local manufacturing

While McLanahan is backed by almost 200 years of global experience, our approach is targeted locally. Our goal is to ensure we can support our coal customers and their systems over their lifetime. Our own local engineering, design, service and support is situated close to customer sites, with three locations around Australia including Perth, Mackay and Newcastle.

McLanahan equipment can be used throughout the entire coal handling process whether it be crushing, reclaiming, sizing, separation or water recovery.

Dry Processing

  • Rotary Breakers
  • Chain Feeders
  • Feeder Breakers
  • DDC-Sizers
  • Roll Crushers

Dewatering and Filtration

  • Filter Presses
  • Thickeners and Clarifiers

Our equipment is designed in Australia by our local team of engineers, tailored to the local market and undergoes a rigorous research and continuous improvement process so that your business’ systems operate optimally for productivity and profitability.

Our systems are designed to be durable, reliable, safe and efficient over their lifetime, so that you can enjoy a lower total cost of your ownership and operation, minimised downtime and reduced man-hours.

Put your trust in McLanahan to deliver outstanding ROM solutions

Our Achievements Build Your Success

  • Chain changeout tower (nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Prospect Awards)
  • Feeder breaker front and rear door access
  • Carbide-impregnated Teeth
  • Auto Chain Tensioning

Grow your operations with upgrades and optimisation

  • Breaker barrel replacements
  • Drive replacements
  • Chain Conveyor replacements
  • Thickener/bridge replacements
  • Rotary breaker wear items replacement
  • Feeder Breaker Picks and Shaft replacement

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