Mineral Processing Solutions

McLanahan’s mineral processing equipment works as an integrated solution, allowing for optimisation and lower TCO.

Front end solutions

Integrated Feeding, Crushing and Scrubbing solutions deliver greater value to any mineral operation because each component of the front end system is match for optimum performance.

McLanahan Corporation provides local engineering design and manufacturing with a strong focus on Design- for –operation. This means our customers receive a system that is specifically suited to the application. Locally designed Apron Feeders, Chain Feeders, Mineral Sizers and Mineral Scrubbers integrated into one system, optimised for the application and supported for their entire operating life ensure maximum productivity.

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Tailings Management

Dry Stacked tailings is the ultimate solution for mineral processors and McLanahan delivers that option with an integrated suite of products that click together to give our customers more flexibility and more reliability. Locally based engineering and design capability means we are able to deliver more targeted functionality in each system. Through modularisation McLanahan is able to configure a system to effectively manage Ultra Fines recovery, Dewatering, Fines Thickening and Filtration. Maximising water recovery and re-use is one of the key outcomes of the design philosophy.

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Optimising for lower TCO

McLanahan’s philosophy of continual improvement provides a platform for customers to improve overall cost of ownership during the life of McLanahan processing equipment. Improving design and componentry life as technologies improve is just one of the ways McLanahan customers benefit by lowering the overall operating cost.

Practical examples of lowering TCO for our customers include:

  • Optimising Mineral Scrubber internal design to increase operating lift reducing the number of maintenance shut downs per year.
  • Introducing new metallurgy to increase the total tonnes crushed in a mineral sizer before replacing the crushing segments.
  • Introducing safer and more effective access to McLanahan Feeder Breakers to reduce maintenance time.
  • Reducing the number of wear parts in the McLanahan Secondary Mineral Sizer to reduce maintenance time.

Local support services

Although McLanahan has six global offices, in Australia McLanahan has three regional offices offering filed support located in key mining regions – Perth, WA, Newcastle, NSW and Mackay, QLD.

McLanahan technical services, teams, engineering teams and field service teams are situated close to our customer sites so we can provide the type of support needed to ensure fast responses to local problems. Where the needs of the customer are for optimisation and upgrades, re design and retro fit or even replacement of redundant equipment, local support and manufacture is available.  Our field  service teams are dedicated to delivering quality service and work together with your organisation to develop the best long term outcome.

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