As an OEM parts supplier, McLanahan understands the critical nature of your operations, and the importance of using the recommended parts from the manufacturer.

Finding OEM quality parts for old equipment can be a challenge but McLanahan’s support team, may be able to help, even if the equipment is not a McLanahan design.

Over the years, McLanahan has been able to help customers looking for replacement parts for rotary breakers and double roll crushers that are no longer supported. A standard component for this type of equipment is available or can be manufactured. Local design options are also available for newer technologies and upgrades to improve efficiencies.

The end result is that customers are able to increase the operating life of the equipment and often gain better operating performance.

Optimal equipment performance

McLanahan’s locally-based engineering design team designs equipment specifically suited to your application. Replacement parts are designed for long operating life in harsh conditions. McLanahan uses the highest quality materials to deliver spare parts and wear components that are robust, reliable and warranted.

Reduce breakdowns and maintenance times

McLanahan equipment is designed and manufactured with maintenance in mind. Because of this, McLanahan equipment has more common components, includes off-the-shelf parts, offers easier access and rotable components.

Our ‘design for operation’ philosophy reduces maintenance time, ensures parts availability, and delivers more consistent production.

Local support

Our local service and support capabilities ensure that not only the parts you need are available, but that our field service technicians are also close when you need them too.

In-house engineering ensures that all equipment drawings and componentry are readily available.

Our achievements build your success

  • Local support staff offering quality customer service
  • Reliable maintenance services to decrease downtime
  • Experienced technicians available to service and audit McLanahan equipment
  • Locally based spare parts and equipment in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  • A strong commitment to continual improvement

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